This is the blog accompanying the History IIIa course “Representations of Gangs/ter/ism/s” facilitated by Katharina Fink (M.A., Universities of Bayreuth & Johannesburg).

Our course takes a different perspective than you might expect. We won’t engage in a linear understanding of historical ‘development’ in a teleological sense, as in from the past to the present, rather we will start by taking a look at the present – our surroundings, the city, medial representations, experiences – and from here dig deeper to trace the dynamic processes which, in detours and entanglements, contributed to what is ‘present’ today. We will focus on gangs and gangsterism; with a close look on visual cultures and representation.

In the course of the classes, we will meet and discuss with professionals and artists from the heritage and cultural sector. We will learn how to study and critically engage with movies, museums and archives. As a number of you will be working as historians or heritage practitioners in the above mentioned fields, a critical understanding of modes and ‘sites’ of production is necessary for your work.




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