Sophiatown movie

Posted on February 14, 2012


Dear ones,

on Wednesday, Feb 29th, weLL have the pleasure to watch the movie SOPHIATOWN with Peter Makurube, associate producer of the film project.

We start at 4pm at UJ, room will be announced later. The film takes about 90 minutes, afterwards you will have the opportunity to engage with Peter Makurube. It’s a pleasure & honour to have him with us, heS been the driving force behind many great and important projects, the exceptional space MONDAY BLUES, and works as a cultural adviser and organiser – also in Sophiatown – , a (music) writer and a  million other things. He’s also been involved in the AMANDLA! movie project (Hirsch 2002) which you will know.

Read some of his articles/ articles featuring him online:

And something for ze Germans:

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